SID and GOES x-ray plots and data

Please NOTE: The InFlaMo project is currently in its start-up phase. So far there is no ready archive or data search function available. Each SID station may link to an own website for representing of their own data. Some SID stations are not yet operating own websites and data are only on demand available.

For hourly updated VLF data from Station SWMS DE17129a click here.

SID monitor at 24.00 kHz from Station SWMS DE17139a is available on demand.

A SuperSID monitor at Moscow / Russian Federation is just set-up in test-phase and data are expected to be available on demand after May 1st, 2013.

The Finnish SID monitor is currently deployed and test-phase is starting June 1st, 2013.

A broadband (SDR) receiver station is currently in production and to be deployed to South Africa during July, 2013.

An other broadband (SDR) receiver station is ordered for a station at (northern) high latitudes. Negotiations with a host/partner institution are ongoing. Deployment and test-phase are anticipated in the second half of 2013.

Below is a product sample from today. The figure/data are hourly updated!

Measured VLF radio wave fieldstrength from transmitter station at Skelekton (22.10 kHz) received at SWMS DE17129a.


Measured VLF radio wave fieldstrength from transmitter station at Cutlaer in Maine / USA (24.00 kHz) received at SWMS DE17129a.